YouTube Advertising

Don’t miss out on the staggering reach of YouTube as its monthly logged-in users escalate beyond the 1.9 billion mark! Engage us to elevate your video marketing strategy today.

Nothing grabs attention more than a compelling story and there’s no better way to do that than through a video. Connect to people in a unique way – convey emotions and sounds through video to ensure you messages are seen and heard.

As part of the Google suite of products, YouTube provides a powerful tool to showcase your products and services. Integrate YouTube Advertising into your marketing strategy to achieve your business goals, increase revenue and leads.

In Singapore alone, there are over 4.6 million active social media users, which is roughly 79% of the population? Most people have at least 5 social media accounts and spend over hours on them daily.

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    Benefits of Advertising on YouTube

    Google Adwords for Video

    Get laser-focused access to your target audience by advertising on videos that they may watch or search for. Only pay for engaged users and grow your audience through your channel.

    Build Relationships

    Create videos with a personal touch to build trust and foster relationships. Studies have shown that videos help connect with people better and aid in increasing leads and sales.

    Varied & Interesting Content

    1 in 2 chooses YouTube over other platforms as their go-to entertainment portal. It is the third most visited website worldwide, with over a billion users visiting it each month globally. Your business will be able to easily reach your target audience.

    Get Found on Google

    Utilise YouTube as part of your marketing strategy and build backlinks through creating high-quality articles and complimenting it with videos. It makes your website appear more authoritative in Google’s eyes and increases your rankings in search results.

    A Worldwide Audience

    YouTube gives you the opportunity to reach out to new visitors who would never have come across your business, even if you only speak one language.

    Path to Purchase

    Being the most popular entertainment hub in Singapore, studies show that 45% of users utilise the site to help them decide on products to buy.

    Display Ads

    These ads appears to the right of the feature video and above the video suggestions list. For larger players, this ad may appear below the player.


    Overlay Ads

    These ads are semi-transparent overlay ads that appear on the lower 20% portion of your video.


    Skippable Ads

    These skippable video ads allow viewers to skip ads after 5 seconds, if they choose. Inserted before, during, or after the main video.


    Non-Skippable Ads

    These non-skippable video ads must be watched before your video can be viewed. These long non-skippable video ads may be up to 30 seconds long. These ads can appear before, during, or after the main video.


    Sponsored Cards

    Sponsored cards display content that may be relevant to your video, such as products featured in the video. Viewers will see a teaser for the card for a few seconds. They can also click the icon in the top right corner of the video to browse the cards.

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