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Search Engine Marketing or SEM is a segment of digital marketing that merges organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with paid advertising. Also known as PPC (Pay-Per-Click), for driving traffic, generating conversions, and increasing sales. Whereas SEO takes the sure and steady approach, SEM offers a faster way to get results.

SEM is one of the services we specialise in at PurpleClick. As one of Singapore’s leading digital marketing agencies, our company is the go-to specialist for SEM services for multinational companies, small and medium enterprises, non-profit organisations and government agencies.

Put your money where it counts. Invest in SEM with PurpleClick.

What Is SEM?

You might have heard or read about PPC more often than SEM. That’s understandable: PPC is the universal term for paid advertisements launched through Google Ads. This platform has the widest reach for paid advertisements, and is, therefore, the most commonly used by digital marketers. Google Ads offers a wide range of advertising solutions that allow you to post ads on Google SERPs and other websites.

What’s the difference between SEO and SEM? Simply put, SEO doesn’t use paid ads to drive traffic to your website. It uses keyword optimization and link building instead. SEM, on the other hand, publishes ads on Google search and other websites that regularly get high traffic. When users click on an ad, they are directed to a specific page in your website. The key to a successful SEM campaign is to make sure that ads appear to the right people at the right time.

Google-Certified SEMs / PPC Specialists

PurpleClick is home to talented and marketing-oriented SEMs who are trained and certified in PPC campaign management. Our understanding of the customer journey and strategic approach to SEM have resulted in many successful paid campaigns. 

If your goal is to increase traffic, boost brand awareness, generate high-quality leads and convert them into sales as quickly as possible, our SEM services can help you.

Interested in Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

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    How We Manage SEM Campaigns

    We use historical data and market research findings to plot an SEM campaign that optimises your budget and aligns with both your immediate needs and long-term business goals.

    Keyword Discovery and Management

    Choosing the right keywords is crucial in SEM. Popular keywords cost more per click, and lower-priced keywords have low search volumes. We find the right balance and hyper-target keywords so that impressions and clicks will translate to conversions.

    Split Testing

    We know about strategies that work in today’s climate, but that’s not enough. We also find out what works best for your company and brand. This is the secret to optimising budgets and generating high ROI. Knowing, too, that the testing phase will already cost money, we make sure that these trials count.

    Campaign Management

    After securing your approval and launching your ad campaigns, we monitor their performance. We identify and replace underperforming keywords, determine the optimum number of ads per day, and manage budgets for ad groups.

    Data Analysis

    SEM is highly measurable, which means we get plenty of hard data about your ad campaigns. We know how to parse these numbers, spot trends and red flags and accurately predict campaign life cycles.

    Timely and Transparent Reporting

    The data from an SEM campaign can give you valuable insights about your industry and target market. With our timely and accurate reporting, you can get information that might be useful for your product development, budget planning, and branding and marketing. If you need help in interpreting your campaign data, we will be happy to assist.

    Conversion Tracking

    One of the advantages SEM offers is transparency. Google Ads tracks the interactions between Internet users and your ads. It tells us how many people saw your ads, clicked on your ads, how long they stayed on your website, and whether they visited other pages on your site. So if the goal of your SEM campaign is to increase traffic, get subscriptions, or boost sales, we can show you concrete results.

    The Benefits of Search Engine Marketing

    Highly-Targeted Audience

    A requirement of SEM is knowing who your customers are and understanding their needs. With that information, we can specify who gets to see your ads based on age, geographic location, Internet search histories, and news preferences. 

    Cost-Effective Advertising

    With SEM, you only spend for an ad when someone clicks on it. It’s strategic and cost-efficient, unlike traditional advertising where you must pay a fixed fee regardless of how many (or how few) will see, hear and respond to your ads.

    Higher-Quality Traffic

    Thanks to audience targeting, the majority, if not all, who click on your ads will be people who match your buyer persona. They are interested in the products and services you offer and might even have an intent to buy. In SEM, a few high-quality visitors who’re ready to buy what you offer is more valuable than a hundred window shoppers.

    Immediate Results

    The proactive approach of SEM means you can get almost immediate results. It can give you instant visibility on the search engine results pages and show your ads to the right audience. Since PPC ads target people who are most likely to convert, you can run campaigns that will generate revenue with just a few clicks.

    Why Choose PurpleClick?

    We are an established SEM agency in Singapore that has provided digital marketing services to MNCs, SMEs, organisations and government agencies throughout Asia. We offer flexible and strategic solutions which give you the benefit of optimising resources and get real returns on your digital marketing investment. Our company is a six-time winner of the Digital Agency of the Year Awards and a recipient of the GOLD and Local Hero awards in the Search Agency of the Year 2017.

    We strategise and implement Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine Marketing/PPC and Facebook Advertising services for multi-national enterprises and SMEs. We serve various industries like retail and e-commerce, finance, beauty and healthcare, lifestyle, food and beverage, technology and education. PurpleClick is also a proud digital services provider for Singapore’s Ministry of Health, Central Narcotics Bureau, Air Force, Civil Aviation Authority and other government offices.

    Our team consists of talented, hardworking and enthusiastic professionals of varying experiences and different specialisations. We have a performance-driven culture and are results-oriented. Having launched thousands of successful paid ad campaigns, we’re confident that we can deliver excellent results with our SEM services.

    If your goal is to spread awareness, increase sales and achieve longevity in your industry or service area, PurpleClick is the agency you’re looking for.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Search Engine Marketing (also known as pay-per-click or PPC) is an online marketing strategy that aims to increase website traffic by buying ad space on search engines, primarily on Google. What’s great about SEM is you only spend money when users click on your ads. SEM is important because many businesses, including your competitors, now promote and sell online. You need to stand out to be seen. More importantly, customers need to see you when they need you. SEM can make these happen.

    SEM works this way: if a search engine user types a keyword or question related to your products or services, your ads will appear on top of the page before the organic results. This means your brand or business will be the first thing they see. Over 75% of search engine users click on the Top 3 Google search results and less than 1% clicked on anything from Page 2. With savvy execution, SEM can bring your domain to those coveted top three spots.

    There is a lot that happens under the hood of an SEM campaign. You need to choose the right keywords, set a winning bidding strategy, monitor conversions daily and interpret the data on your analytics account. When choosing an SEM company, find one who can do all these exceptionally, as evidenced by the successes of their previous campaigns for past or current clients. 

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