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What Is Programmatic Advertising?

It’s no question that the Internet is getting crowded. Today’s consumers have become accustomed to the convenience of doing day-to-day and business transactions online. Naturally, businesses follow where the customers are. The very fact that you’re here to know more about digital marketing is a sign that your competitors could be doing the same thing. Programmatic advertising services is one of the ways you can compete, by using automation to target your audience, identify where they are online, and purchase digital ad space to show your ads to them. A programmatic media agency will help you strategize your targeting and maximize impressions.

When executed masterfully, Programmatic Advertising can make your brand stand out from the competition and boost the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Programmatic Marketing or Programmatic Advertising is the real-time, automated selling and buying of online ad spaces. The transaction takes place on a sophisticated AI platform. An algorithm determines the winning bid and publishes the corresponding ads within milliseconds — a far cry from traditional advertising which could take days or weeks to complete. Programmatic Advertising gets rid of the paperwork, contract negotiations and numerous back-and-forth between advertiser and publisher. A programmatic buy is a focused and agile approach to marketing your brand online that makes efficient use of your time and ad budget.

To make the most of this strategy, you’ll need a savvy programmatic advertising agency to take the reigns of your campaign. 

Optimise Programmatic Advertising through PurpleClick

The bidding process is simple in theory, but it takes experience and sharp instincts to read the competition correctly and submit a bid that wins you prime online real estate every time. The right ads need to appear at the right time, and to do this, you need to know the target audience profiles, interests and purchase intent. When executed with a skillful and data driven strategy, a programmatic service can make your targeting and purchasing processes more responsive and efficient, so you can buy ad spaces without spending all of your ad budget at once.

Other factors that must be identified in a programmatic ad campaign include:

  • Target audience according to a buyer’s persona
  • Refined target audience according to their stage in the buyer’s journey
  • Convincing and relevant ad copies
  • Engaging ad formats
  • Time to publish the ads
  • AI driven analytical platform

The attention to details are crucial to the success of an ad campaign. While no two campaigns are exactly the same, the lessons from each predecessor campaign contributes to the success of all succeeding campaigns. Our experienced digital marketing optimization and analytics managers, therefore, are the best people to handle programmatic ads. 

PurpleClick is a trusted programmatic agency for online paid advertising in Singapore. We offer services that are customized to our client’s needs. Touch base with our digital consultants today.

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    The Benefits of Programmatic Advertising


    Even a small amount of money can generate conversions, and yes, returns. It’s important to have ample budget for an ad campaign (especially for highly competitive services and products), but when you have an effective strategy, it’s possible to get large returns from a small investment.


    We can run multiple campaigns at once, each of them targeting specific segments of your target audience. It could be based on gender, age, geographic location or the different stages in the buyer’s journey.   We are able to deploy ads to a list of specified websites to ensure brand safety.  Combined with first party and 3rd party data, we expand your reach for lookalike audiences and retarget them accordingly.

    Quality Conversions

    One of the direct results of hyper-targeting audiences is it improves the quality of the traffic or leads generated by online ads.   When you post a relevant and targeted ad for people who are ready to buy your product, you are more likely to convert these leads into customers.

    Measurable Results

    There’s no guessing if your investment pays off. You will know, thanks to the raw data and insights that programmatic and analytical ad platforms provide.  In addition to providing you with data transparency for the click-through rates, conversions and sales generated, our data science and analytics team will analyse and use the data to optimize your ad campaigns and furnish further market insights.

    How We Leverage Programmatic Advertising

    There are a lot of moving parts in Programmatic Advertising. Ads can appear in all kinds of websites and apps: on social media, search engines (including social media and media sharing search features), websites and online broadcast channels.  Adding to the complexity, the ads themselves can come in different forms and sizes: in-display ads, native ads, audio or video.  Advertisers can influence how users engage with the ads depending on the ad formats and messages used.

    PurpleClick explores all advertising options that are suitable to your target audience and brand. We identify the best formats and locations based on your target audience’s profile and behaviour — where they frequent, when they are most active, which media type gets the most engagement, and more. Essentially, we do our best to understand your market so that we provide you with impactful, cost-effective programmatic management. It’s how we refine your advertising strategy and avoid costly mistakes.

    We manage hundreds of campaigns every month so we have the collective experiences and benchmarks to best advise the customers on their advertising strategies and goals.  Programmatic advertising can create awareness but it can also generate high-quality leads and increase sales conversion rates when done right.

    Through PurpleClick, you can leverage Programmatic Advertising to your business’s benefit.

    Why PurpleClick?

    Our passion for marketing and enthusiasm to excel in the online sphere has always been an advantage for our clients. We are a company of talented individuals from all ages and backgrounds brought together by common interests, goals and ethics. We’re a business that serves, not a company that’s self-serving.

    PurpleClick is an award-winning digital marketing agency in Singapore that has helped countless small and medium enterprises carve a respectable share of their respective markets through savvy Programmatic Advertising. We use proven strategies to optimise your ad budget so you can get maximum returns. Rest assured that for the duration of your paid ads campaign, we won’t lose sight of your long-term business goals. Get in touch with us today!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Programmatic Advertising is the automated process of buying and selling ad spaces on websites, apps, social media platforms, video sharing sites and other online platforms. It can also place ads on digital out-of-home platforms (e.g., physical ad displays, interactive kiosks with free Wi-Fi), streaming services, and video and audio on-demand sites. 

    Programmatic Advertising is important for businesses because it helps advertisers to reach the targeted audience in the most cost effective manner, so as to ensure that your advertising budget is well spend.  It can be deployed quickly across the internet, multiple platforms and formats through online bidding. 

    The general process is similar to traditional marketing: you buy an ad space and the publisher will post your ad for the public to see. The difference is that the entire process happens in real time and is completed in milliseconds. A sophisticated algorithm determines the winning bid for each ad space based on competing advertisers’ target audience, maximum bids, preferred publication time, and so forth. It also determines if an Internet user is your potential customer based on the detailed profile (e.g., age, gender, location, search history, interests, and purchasing intent) of your target audience.

    Yes, it is. The system allows advertisers to be very specific about the audiences they want to target so that every impression and lead has a high rate of converting. This targeted form of online advertising ensures that every penny you spend for ads contributes to your bottom line. At the very least, Programmatic Advertising can send quality traffic to your site and boost your organic SEO.

    Although GDN has a lower cost barrier than Programmatic, GDN is on one ad exchange based on user data via Google search history. Programmatic on the other hand is plugged into more than 20 different ad exchanges. Advertisers can limit their ads to be served on Private Market Place (PMP) networks. Programmatic also allows advertisers to integrate first party and 3rd party data to increase target control. There are limitations on ad formats used in GDN. Programmatic allows more creative use of ad formats including rich media. 

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