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With 1 billion active users every month, and each of them visiting at least one business profile a day, Instagram is a prime venue for business marketing.* Use the power of visual marketing in attracting new and old customers, building your brand identity, and establishing your company’s presence in one of the fastest-growing social media platforms today.

What Is Instagram Marketing?

Instagram is a “discovery” app where people go to find all kinds of ideas and image content related to their interests. The remarkable thing about this platform is it can convert casual browsers into eager, paying customers with just one picture. 

The power of visual marketing is tremendous, especially on Instagram. The site’s ecosystem whets the appetite of consumers very well: its algorithm shows organic and paid content to users who are most likely to find them appealing. As a result, a lot of users experience a strong urge to purchase items they’ve never even thought of buying previously. Businesses can capitalize on this knee-jerk response that the platform cultivates by engaging in Instagram Marketing.

Instagram Marketing is a subset of social media marketing that focuses on this specific platform. It takes advantage of Instagram’s image-based format to deliver impactful marketing messages through pictures and stories (short videos). Through Instagram Marketing, brands can reach a wide audience and present their products or services in a memorable manner.

Suitable for Many Industries

Industries like retail, food and beverage, real estate, hospitality, travel and tourism, sports, and even publishing are now thriving on Instagram. It’s easy to see why: they can catch people’s attention by posting high-quality, professionally-shot photos of their products, then redirect audiences to their website or e-commerce pages for more information and to buy their products.

Can you still benefit from Instagram Marketing if your business offers professional services, such as in law, IT, finance, education, and so forth? Yes, you still can. In fact, Instagram is popular among non-retail companies because the IG stories feature allows them to show their company culture and reveal a more relatable side of their industry to the public. Companies can, therefore, use Instagram to execute their branding strategy.

When You Miss Out, Your Competitors Can Move Ahead.

If your business belongs to mainstream industries and offer consumer products that you can promote visually, we highly recommend Instagram Marketing. If you are a service provider, consider using Instagram stories to promote your business. You could miss out on a lot of business gains if you don’t.

PurpleClick can give you an excellent experience with Instagram Marketing. An established digital marketing agency in Singapore, our company has successfully conducted Instagram Marketing for MNCs, SMEs and government agencies in Southeast Asia. Get in touch today.

Interested in Instagram Marketing?

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    The Benefits Of Instagram Marketing

    Made for Businesses

    Business owners can open an Instagram Business Account that has helpful features like a business profile. Here, audiences can find useful business information like store hours, address and contact number. 

    Wide Audience Reach

    Over 200 million Instagram users view at least one business profile a day, and one-third of stories with the highest views are from business accounts. These numbers prove that Instagram can broaden the reach of businesses; and if they are strategic with their content, they can convert those views into leads.

    Better Engagement

    Whether you’re promoting a product or hyping up your brand, it is so easy to engage with new and loyal audiences on Instagram. When you develop a voice for your brand that speaks to your target audience, their responses and interactions with your posts will come naturally.

    Targeted Advertising

    Advertisers can run highly targeted programmatic ads on Instagram. Businesses can provide details about their target audiences (e.g., location, gender, age, interests, in-app behaviour), and Instagram’s algorithm will deliver their ads to users who match those metrics. Businesses can then earn high-quality leads with high chances of conversion.

    Our Approach

    You can trust PurpleClick to take your Instagram Marketing to another level. We do more than choose pictures from your stock of media and marketing content and schedule them for posting on Instagram. No, we are more strategic and marketing-oriented than your average social media management team.

    We research your market and identify your current standing with respect to your competitors. We gauge the competition and discover the areas where you have great potential to be in the lead. Using historical data as benchmarks and your goals as guides, we develop a strategy detailing the steps for achieving specific short-term and long-term goals.

    Our content creators will also work with your marketing team to come up with brand-accurate content for your Instagram Business Account. This is a meticulous process that merges your marketing and branding strategies into one. If your campaign includes programmatic advertising on Instagram, we will also facilitate the content creation and bidding strategy for your Instagram ads.

    Once we have enough content, we seek your approval to launch your Instagram campaign. This will be an exciting stage as you can finally see your investment in action. You will see your posts get published and receive engagements from loyal and new customers. Transparency is important to us, so you will have the credentials to your Instagram account. This means you can also interact with your audiences and build strong buyer-seller relationships.

    For as long as you want us to run your Instagram Marketing, we will be happy to manage your organic and paid campaigns on the platform. Our account managers also gather and analyse daily data, and suggest modifications in the current strategy if there are areas that need improvement.

    Why Choose PurpleClick?

    We are an established and trusted digital marketing agency that has served companies from different industries like retail, food and beverage, lifestyle, technology, finance, beauty and healthcare and education. We’ve also provided digital marketing services to Singaporean government agencies, including the Air Force, Central Narcotics Bureau, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health.

    The diversity of our clients is proof of our team’s expertise in crafting Instagram Marketing strategies. We don’t rely on tried and tested techniques per industry but study a client’s business and industry, identify long-term business goals, understand its brand and know who its target audience is instead.

    Our visual marketing savvy and data-oriented approach has produced excellent outcomes for many clients. You can get the same treatment for your business. Choose PurpleClick as your Instagram Marketing company in Singapore.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Instagram Marketing is the process of promoting products, services, and brands to Instagram users. It maximises features like Business Accounts and paid ads to expand a brand’s audience reach, generate high-quality leads and ultimately increase conversions and sales. Instagram Marketing is also ideal for brand building, increasing customer engagement, generating website traffic and conducting programmatic advertising.

    Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media sites in the world. It now has 1 billion active users every month with 63% of that population logging in at least once per day. The platform’s e-commerce-friendly environment is well-known: 62% of users say they became interested in specific brands and products after seeing them on Instagram stories. Additionally, 11% of social media users shop on Instagram. It would be unwise to ignore these numbers, and businesses who do will miss out on a lot of potential sales.


    Instagram Marketing is flexible in that you can use it for organic and paid marketing. The organic approach usually focuses on building brand awareness on the platform, but they work even better when boosted with sponsored ads.  To increase engagement, you can create Instagram stories and partner with influencers in your industry or local community.

    Like any online marketing strategy, there are no guarantees on how well a campaign will perform. But if digital marketers’ behaviour is any indication, the revenues generated by Instagram ads are substantial enough to earn their continued patronage. Four in five brands engage in influencer marketing on instagram, surpassing Facebook, YouTube and Twitter by a wide margin.

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