Facebook Marketing

With over 1.5 billion active users and an estimated 70% of all adults using Facebook on a daily basis, is your business or brand leveraging this mammoth social media platform?

Social media marketing is now commonplace and has become one of the most important ingredients for a successful marketing campaign. Enhance your marketing campaign by adding Facebook marketing to your marketing blueprint.

Connect with your target audience through its audience targeting options and reach out to the 1.4billion people who are using Facebook today.

What is Facebook Marketing?

It is a social platform that allows you to market your product and/or services and solutions, to raise brand awareness, generate lead and increase local sales, promote your app and drive online sales.
You can manage and customise the way you want to present your product to your consumers through the many marketing formats available. Also, get to determine how much money you want to spend on each campaign easily, and track your results via Adverts Manager to measure performance.

Interested in Facebook Marketing?

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Benefits of Facebook Marketing

Targeted Reach

Choose the right people you want to reach out to. Make your adverts relevant to a certain location, age, interests and more, to bring you real results.

Keeping Your Ads Visible

Facebook users tend to visit the site multiple times a day and this means your ads have a high chance of repeated views, keeping you at the top of peoples’ minds.

Measurable Performance

“Facebook Insights” lets you monitor your campaign and see the responder demographics, profiles and performance report. Use it to your benefit to identify new targets or eliminate your target audience.

Generate Traffic

Your fan page may have special deals or promotions; use this to your advantage by raising awareness and ensuring it gets the exposure you need.

Facebook marketing is now the norm and has become one of the most important ingredients for a successful marketing campaign. Mobile users are also growing at a mind-boggling rate with over 1 billion active users currently. The average time spent per visit is estimated at around 20 minutes. With these statistics, are you delivering powerful and impactful content that is optimized for mobile and the limited attention span of users?

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