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Several new social media sites have emerged in the last couple of years, but Facebook remains to be the largest platform in the world with 2.4 billion users. PurpleClick harnesses its huge marketing potential by offering Facebook Marketing in Singapore. Find out what our service can do for your business.

What Is Facebook Marketing?

Facebook remains to be the world’s biggest social media site, and it continues to show growth in size (number of users) and time spent on the platform. Fifty-two percent of Internet users in the Asia Pacific region use Facebook in any given month, and different age groups are present on the platform: 40% among Baby Boomers, 47% among Gen Xers, 55% among Millennials, and 57% among Gen Zers.

With these demographics present daily on Facebook, it’s not surprising that brands and advertisers also flock to the platform to market their products and services. Facebook reported its advertising revenue at $17.44 billion in the first quarter of 2020 alone. 

More consumers now rely on the Internet for information, use online buying services and spend more time on social media. It would be unwise not to follow and market where they go. With Facebook owning a large share of the social media market in APAC, now is the best time to ramp up your marketing on this platform.

Facebook Marketing constituted paid and organic efforts to make your marketing content visible and accessible to a large audience. The platform allows brands to create highly targeted posts and advertisements and ensure that they get seen by users who match their buyer personas. 

With savvy execution, Facebook Marketing can optimise small and large budgets to increase brand awareness, reach customers regardless of geographic boundaries, establish brand authority and generate high-quality leads and sales.

Engage in Facebook Marketing through PurpleClick

Make the most of Facebook Marketing by choosing a digital marketing agency that knows how to strategise and execute winning campaigns. From our office in Singapore, PurpleClick delivers exceptional Facebook Marketing services to clients in the APAC and SEA regions. 

Whether you are a multinational company with an ambitious promotional campaign or an SME with a modest marketing budget, we strive to make the best possible results for your campaign. Choose our experienced Facebook Marketing specialists at PurpleClick.

Interested in Facebook Marketing?

Get in touch with our digital consultants now to get a custom package that suits your business needs!

    The Benefits of Facebook Marketing

    Broad Reach

    Being the world’s biggest social media platform, Facebook has a very wide reach that crosses countries and continents. It’s a useful perk for SMEs who accept inquiries and orders from customers abroad.

    Targeted Reach

    If you want to generate leads and sales, Facebook’s audience targeting feature does an excellent job of seeking out users who are most likely to follow your page and eventually become paying customers.


    Paid advertisements on Facebook are configured the same way as online Programmatic Advertising: pay when audiences interact with your ads. But even without engagement, glimpses of an eye-catching ad can already make an impression on targeted audiences. You can, therefore, draw potential customers without spending on an ad click.

    Increases Leads and Traffic

    Paid ads on Facebook can send high-quality leads and traffic to your website. Since the awareness phase is completed off-site (on Facebook), people who make it to your site would have been conditioned to take you up on your offer. Given the potential increases in leads and traffic, engaging in paid Facebook Marketing will fill multiple needs with one deed.

    Our Approach

    Getting to Know Your Business

    The business is the heart of every marketing campaign. We can only do so well if we truly know how your business works, what your motivations are, your story, goals and the message you want to tell your audiences. Marketing is storytelling, and the better the delivery and the content of the story, the more memorable it becomes.

    Knowing Your Target Audience

    The next thing we study is your target audience. Ideally, business owners know their customers the best. Some, however, are still unsure of who they should reach out to and whether their current customers are indeed the demographics they should target. PurpleClick has plenty of experience in creating buyer personas, so we can help you refine your customer profiles.

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    Developing a Strategy

    Once we have the most key information for your campaign (your goals and target audience), we move forward with developing a strategy for your Facebook Marketing. We cover everything, from planning the content and scheduling posts to creating a bidding strategy for the paid ads. The bidding strategy will include the floor and ceiling bids for the keywords and demographics you want to appear in front of.

    Monitoring, Managing and Reporting

    After we launch your ads or make your Facebook page public, we continue to monitor their impressions and conversions, among other things. Our Facebook specialists also collect and analyse the data from Facebook Analytics, propose changes in the strategy when necessary, and engage with audiences on behalf of your brand.

    Why Choose PurpleClick?

    Facebook is a social networking site. But to make the most of its marketing potential, you need to invest in its paid advertising and other premium features. Optimise your ad spend on the platform by choosing our experienced, transparent and trustworthy Facebook Marketing company in Singapore.

    PurpleClick is an award-winning digital marketing agency with a diverse clientele. We’ve handled marketing campaigns for multinational companies, small to medium enterprises and government offices. We cover industries like health, beauty, retail, food and beverage, finance, technology, retail, e-commerce and online B2B services.

    Use our expertise to reach your short-term and long-term marketing goals. Get in touch with PurpleClick if you have more questions about Facebook Marketing.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Facebook Marketing is a subset of social media marketing that focuses on promoting brands, products and services on Facebook. It can support both paid and organic marketing campaigns. This means that you can optimise your advertising budgets to gain more followers, establish a presence on the world’s biggest social media platform and generate leads, website traffic and sales through Facebook.

    Facebook owns half of the world’s social media market. Unless you have concrete evidence that your target audiences are not on this platform, you need to engage in Facebook Marketing. Otherwise, you will miss out on the chance to reach more people than you could via traditional marketing. You can also use Facebook Marketing to find high-quality leads, redirect followers to your website and increase your traffic to boost your SEO efforts.

    It’s not enough to hire someone who knows how to use Facebook. If you want to get more out of this marketing strategy (more than basic management, which is essentially scheduling posts on your Facebook page), hire a company that has successfully managed similar campaigns in the past. Even better if they’ve had previous clients who belong to your industry. But if there are None, assess the company’s competence based on their service process, transparency and professionalism. 

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