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PurpleClick offers a complete range of digital advertising services designed to capture audiences’ attention while they’re online, browsing the web from multiple devises such as the desktops and phones. Once they step out of their homes, we continue to engage your audience through our Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH) Solutions. Interested? Read more below.

New Digital Technology Unique to the Singaporean Market

What Is Outdoor Digital Advertising or DOOH?

A famous marketing trend that’s becoming as widely known among marketers and business owners as SEO, Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH) Advertising, or simply outdoor digital advertising, is a dynamic form of marketing that enables brands to utilise the digital billboards and signage that are found all over Singapore, enabling advertisers to reach these audience where they work, live, play and shop.

From a consumer’s perspective, Digital OOH Advertising is nothing new. People see LED screens, digital billboards and electronic signage on the streets, next to bus stops, in shopping centres, in the middle of city parks, subway stations, all over major business districts. They are even mounted on the roofs of taxis or on the sides of public buses. But from a small business owner’s point of view, the idea of getting an ad on those prime digital billboards used to be far-fetched. Only companies with huge advertising budgets could afford those ad spaces. 

Technology has narrowed the gap between big-budget campaigns and marketing for SMEs. With a smart strategy, a small business can buy DOOH ad slots and make their products visible alongside famous brands.

Interested in Digital Out of Home (DOOH) Advertising?

Get in touch with our digital consultants now to get a custom package that suits your business needs!

    How Does DOOH Work?

    DOOH gives a modern spin to traditional ad publishing. Advertisers buy ad spaces and publishers will display their advertisements for the public to see. DOOH runs on a programmatic system, which means the entire process of buying and selling ad spaces is automated. Similar to online programmatic advertising, DOOH allows advertisers to buy and deploy ad spaces on physical screens “outside your home” based on the audience they are targeting.

    With Singapore’s cityscape being peppered with digital screens of all shapes and sizes, businesses who can buy DOOH ad spaces can increase their visibility and brand awareness. The industry has also gotten better at tracking the engagements generated by DOOH (e.g., through interactive screens and ads that offer opt-ins through QR code), so you’ll have data to back up your campaign performance assessments.

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    Our role in all of this is to facilitate your DOOH efforts, aid you in creating engaging ad content and develop a bidding strategy that will get you prime ad space. Reach out to PurpleClick today.

    Interested in Digital Out of Home (DOOH) Advertising?

    Get in touch with our digital consultants now to get a custom package that suits your business needs!

      Our Service: How Does It Work?

      As an established and well-known digital marketing solutions provider in Singapore, PurpleClick has established ties with OOH site vendors whose signage, kiosks and display screens are installed in key locations all over Singapore. Our digital OOH solutions use reliable programmatic technology that eliminates brokers, paperwork, contract negotiations and price-fixing from the ad buying and selling process.

      We simplify DOOH for you. After studying your business, goals and customer profile, we design digital ad content that speaks to your target customers. Ideally, DOOH ads should blend with the physical environment so that audiences are in the right state of mind when they see an ad. This is the key to coaxing a response from people who consume DOOH ads.

      When the bidding strategy and ads are complete, we launch the campaign into the programmatic system which selects the winning bids in real time. As your DOOH solutions provider, we oversee this process and track the performances of your published ads.

      Where Will DOOH Advertisements Show?

      Digital OOH billboards can be found or installed on any of the following:

      • Public transport vehicles (e.g., taxis, buses and the underground trains)
      • Airports, bus stops, railway and bus stations 
      • Shopping malls, grocery stores, gas stations, bars and restaurants
      • Public announcement kiosks with LCD screen with free Wi-Fi service
      • Doctor’s offices, clinics and hospitals
      • Condominiums, housing estates and office buildings
      • Movie theatres, sports arenas and entertainment centres
      • Major roadways
      • Areas with high foot traffic

      Signage and digital billboards run the gamut from touchscreens as tiny as ATM keypads to massive, ultra-high definition billboards plastered on the sides of tall buildings. To maximize the display time, advertisers can compete for mobile DOOH ad spaces on taxis and buses. 

      Like Digital Advertising, Digital Out of Home (DOOH) is Flexible and Measurable

      Reason why Digital Out of Home (DOOH) is for you

      It takes an agile and strategic content development team focused on understanding your business and your audience to create and deliver engaging narratives that are combined with eyeball-catching creative designs.

      The Advantages of DOOH Advertising

      Targeted Audience

      It is truthfully difficult to ensure that DOOH ads will be 100% targeted. Unlike with online-based programmatic ads that appear based on user interests, DOOH ads appear wherever and whenever the target audiences are most likely to see them.  We will use data from social media, road traffic, web traffic and IoT devices seek out these audiences and map to the locations of these digital screens.

      Increased Visibility

      Thousands of digital screens and display devices are installed all over Singapore today. So whenever a DOOH advertisement airs, a large number of locals, tourists and foreigners will get to see it. DOOH ads are looped and appear repeatedly within the hours specified in the ad strategy. The repetitive airing of the ads will make the public more familiar with the advertiser’s brand, products and services.

      Real-Time Bidding

      Arguably the best benefit of DOOH, this marketing strategy enables brands and advertisers to buy prime digital ad spaces without the hassle of going back and forth with a publisher or broker. The bidding and posting of the ad happens in mere milliseconds, saving everyone time and stress.


      As previously mentioned, the platforms that provide programmatic software for DOOH and the owners of the digital screens have improved at tracking and recording important data. They use sensors, cameras and free Wi-Fi to track engagement from the people who viewed your ads.

      Why Choose PurpleClick?

      As one of the state’s premier digital marketing strategists, PurpleClick is best equipped to offer digital OOH advertising in Singapore. Our knowledge about consumer behaviour and the marketing climate in various industries have benefitted many of our clients. Through our DOOH Advertising service, we can give your business or products and services a great deal of exposure.

      PurpleClick is different from other service providers because we take the time to know all about your business and customers. As a result, we’re able to develop marketing strategies that make an impression on the right people. More importantly, we help you create advertisements that can convince your target audience to download an app, scan a QR code or buy the product or service shown on the screen. We take it a step further by integrating your offline advertising efforts with your online strategies to ensure a comprehensive end to end marketing solution.

      Get in touch with us today! Call us at +65 6533 8655 or email us at enquiries@purpleclick.com.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      DOOH or digital out-of-home refers to the digital displays, screens and billboards “out on the streets” where advertisements are often shown 24/7. When we speak of DOOH Advertising, we refer to the programmatic or automated process of buying and selling DOOH ad spaces. 

      Our service covers the entire process of placing DOOH ads, beginning from market research to monitoring and reporting. We strategise based on your target outcomes (e.g., increase brand awareness, promote a product or service, gather leads via QR code scanning or app installation), then place bids on DOOH slots in locations where your target audience frequents. We monitor your ads and the audience response after launching, analyse data provided by the system and use the information to refine your bidding strategy and ad content.

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