What is AMP-pening?

News Flash: AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages – has been rolled out to 1 billion people in Asia. So you can’t ignore this.

Let PurpleClick explain what AMP is all about.

PurpleClick explains what is AMP

What is Google amp?

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is a project led by Google that sets a standard to create faster pages for mobile devices. Testing for this started back in February 2016 but now it is officially rolled out in Asia.

Why Google amp?

The intended goal is to load your website content instantly. Like load really fast. According to Google statistics, 40% of people will wait no more than 3 seconds before abandoning a website.

What is an amp page?

They are not much different from a mobile responsive page. Companies (in general) have ignored repeated reminders to create faster mobile web pages. For those special group that has NOT converted to mobile responsive pages, Google has decided to define new standards with lots of restrictions so pages will load really fast and use less network data to load.

Mobile Responsive vs Google AMP page

How does Google amp work?

Besides limiting elements that are allowed in AMP based pages, Google saves a copy of your content in an AMP/Instant format so they can serve it directly from their servers.

What is amp in HTML?

It is a very basic version of your website’s pages that restricts certain HTML tags, CSS and especially Javascript.

What does AMP look like?

Essentially, Google’s AMP version will block anything that takes a long time to load i.e. cluttered ads, large images, pop-ups etc.

How are AMP pages served, after performing a search on Google?

In Google’s specific case, when a user clicks on any of the AMP results (those with the icon and the AMP label), the content is loaded immediately, without leaving Google’s SERP.

“google amp examples”

If my website is already mobile responsive, do I need to make changes?

As long as your website is mobile responsive, you need not worry about this. Right now, Google is more focused on large publishers (e.g. news publishers) and not revenue impacting websites like yours.

Responsive Web Design Examples

Our digital consultants’ advice is that it is too early to adopt such a drastic change to your website. Certain features like eCommerce elements, large format javascript, and custom HTML plug-ins are still not available on AMP enabled pages.

However, if your website hasn’t been updated since early 2000s or earlier, a mobile conversion is critical.

What does Google say about your website?

Do a test now.

  1. Click on link: https://search.google.com/search-console/mobile-friendly
  2. Add your website address i.e. http://example.com and press Enter
  3. Admire your good work (hopefully!!!)

Worried about your results?

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