Setting Social Media Goals for 2016

New year, new goals on the list. 2016 can be a fresh start for your social media journey.

How cool would it be to have 1 million likes on Facebook this year?

If you have not been completely successful or made the impact you wanted to create on social media, maybe it’s time to revamp how you present your business. Here are some simple ideas:

Reinvent traditional marketing

In the growing use of social media and digital marketing, most of the business dollars are still pushed towards direct mail and traditional means of communication. Hence this season aim to reinvent your business’s traditional forms of marketing by moving towards digital marketing methods in order to save costs and increase efficiency. Experiment with the basic social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram to maximise its use.

Be S.M.A.R.T

Specific:  Be discrete with the content you are providing the audience regarding your business. Answer Qs like who, what, where, why and which. This will help them understand your objectives better.
Measurable:  Put down a particular measurable goal for the amount of social media interaction you would like your business to have on the online platform. Making the goal measurable will allow you to know when you have achieved it.
Attainable:  Ensure that the goal that has been set is realistic and reachable considering the target audience and resources. Also consider the steps that will be taken to achieve the goal, to certify that the strategy is action oriented.
Relevant:  The social media goal should have a potential impact to the business objectives, particularly the marketing vision.
Time-bounded:  Set the social media goal to a specific deadline, this will compel you to make certain that the goal is being worked towards within that timeframe.

Success Story Telling: make your customers the Heroes

Use this simple trick of telling the heroic stories of your clients. Online marketing success stories can sometimes make a small business owner wonder if a similar strategy would also work for them. Here are some tips for how to get around that:

  • Encourage your followers to participate in your success story posts through comments
  • Don’t just broadcast encourage the audience to share their own stories through repost and retweets
  • Establish a routine of your posts in order ensure that your audience is entertained and informed at least weekly or monthly.

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