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SEO Must-Dos for 2016

SEO is NOT dead. It is some of the practices that are. A savvy agency, not to mention PurpleClick, will study the evolution and plot better strategies to beat your competitor—plain and simple. Learn how you can stay ahead.

seo is not dead, seo is alive

Over the past couple of weeks, we have had a few customers scrambling to our digital consultants and asking: “Is SEO dead?”

This may have partially been the effect content from certain affiliates of Singapore’s largest mass media company with prehistoric SEO practices. They are trying to discredit their better performing competitors. But ain’t nobody got time to pursue that debate.   

Here’s the fact: SEO isn’t dead, it is evolving! As more and more online businesses do SEO, there is a clustering effect on old strategies. They still work but don’t need an expert agency to do it.
A savvy SEO agency, not to mention PurpleClick, will study the evolution and plot better strategies to beat your competitor—plain and simple.

If you run a site that allows customers to buy things directly from your website, then your online business can definitely benefit from SEO. Not just get more web traffic, we are talking about funneling the traffic to your most profitable page (and a larger stream of revenue of course!)
Below, we’ve compiled a list of Six “Must-Do SEO trends” your online business should be paying attention to:

Out-of-the-box SEO

SEO technology develops just as quickly as the search engines that have inspired them.
What “SEO technology”? These are the “out of the box” solutions emerged in the template web design industry to help you with on-site implementations in just a few steps.

If you use WordPress, one of such third party apps we recommend to our clients is a WordPress plugins that handle a good amount of on-site SEO like Meta titles and descriptions automatically, called Yoast SEO.

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However, there’s no solution that can automatically perform the #1 ranking factor: content. Try as you may, there is just no automation good enough for that. Yet. (We’ll keep a lookout).

Content is King

Until recently, product pages on e-commerce sites were places for short-form content: a title, a brief description, a few product photos and a couple of customer reviews. However, primarily search engine favoritism (and a little user demand) have shifted toward long-form content in almost every niche.

Have you ever scrolled through the infinite feeds of Singapore’s busiest online shopping portals before? This is the reason they are so busy.

Not only does their longer-form content provide more detail, more long-tail and conversational phrases (which lend themselves to more relevant search queries), they easily differentiate themselves from their competitors with product descriptions that offer insights to exactly what you are buying.

Just be wary of unnecessary fluff. “Atas” writing is so yesterday.

The More They Share, The More You’ll Have

Social media. The ever-so-popular buzzword that no one’s quite figured out completely yet somehow it is escalating in importance.

In a recent survey conducted by Content Marketing Institute, out of 3,714 marketers surveyed globally, 76% of marketers used promoted posts (for example Facebook Boost Post) and 61% confirmed that they were effective, rating them either 4 or 5 on a 5-point effectiveness scale. More interesting is the jump in marketers’ perception of effectiveness, leaping by 30% in the last year and 52% reporting that they have a stand-alone budget just for promoted social posts.

And they are right to do so. More users are signing up for newer, cutting-edge platforms like Instagram and SnapChat besides the regular standbys like Facebook and Twitter. One of the best ways to harness primary and secondary ranking signals (like inbound links and social signals, respectively) is to encourage more social sharing throughout the shopping and checkout process.

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Keep your audience engaged with social opportunities throughout your site. Have your users share your products. Have them share reviews. Have them share when they check out or when their products arrive. The more they share, the more your visibility across search engines thrive.

Video killed the Radio Star and will kill everything else too

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As mobile devices and video sharing capabilities gain more traction worldwide, users are demanding more video content. Video content can show up as rich media in search results (if it’s hosted on YouTube) and has more potential for virility than any other type of content.

A study conducted by CMO revealed that more than half (51.9%) of marketers say video gets the best ROI. Actually, if you aren’t using video content anywhere on your website, you’re already falling short. How long are you going to wait?

Mobile optimisation is now mandatory

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Often a good to have but hardly implemented, mobile optimisation were about merely meeting Google’s standards. However, with the latest Google’s Mobilegeddon update, the need for mobile optimisation is critical. More than half of our SEO clients suffered massive damage to their search engine ranking because their site was not mobile optimised.

Mobile optimisation is imperative to offer the best functional experience to mobile users, who grow in numbers compared to desktop users by the day.

Mobile optimisation is also starting to include app optimisation, which Google is favoring heavily with developments like app streaming — and one day soon, e-commerce platforms may need to develop their own mobile apps just to survive in terms of visibility.

Local results are becoming more prominent

Local SEO has undergone a handful of overhauls in the past few years, and it’s likely that new technologies (like wearable tech) will increase the importance of local results even further.

E-commerce business often don’t think about a local strategy, since they operate to target a larger audience. However, pursuing a local strategy in addition can help e-commerce companies differentiate themselves from the competition and target a smaller, possibly more relevant niche that their competitors are for some reason trying to avoid.

Final thoughts

Keep up with these six trends to ensure that your online business remains relevant and visible in the Search dominated Marketing era. Depending on your end goals and how heavy a role SEO plays in your overall business growth, the suggestions above should take a high priority in your marketing spend.
Here’s an extra motivation to start… PurpleClick can help you to stay ahead. Get involved as early as possible before your competitors begin to realise the benefits.

Enquire Now to find more about our SEO Booster Package that do all the above for you! What’s more, existing SEO clients get added savings!

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