Remarketing and Its Benefits

What is Remarketing and How does it work?

Heard of remarketing? Or perhaps, retargeting? Traditionally, these are two different terms that describe various marketing functions. Remarketing is commonly used to describe engaging existing customers through email. For example, sending customers email reminders about their abandoned shopping carts. On the other hand, retargeting is often used for online ad placements. This happens when users visit your site and have their cookies tracked, so you can target your ads to them when they visit other sites.

On Google, however, remarketing simply means the same as retargeting. Confused yet? Well, let us explain it to you – in Google’s terms – and explore the accompanying benefits.

Remarketing, on Google, refers to reaching users after they have left your site. This means targeting ads to users who have visited your mobile site, used your mobile app or seen your ads.

6 ways you can engage in remarketing on Google AdWords.

  1. Standard Remarketing

    Standard remarketing helps you to reach out to past visitors of your site or your app. You can show your ads to them as they browse other sites and use apps on the Google Display Network, or when they search for related terms about you or your products on Google.

  2. Dynamic Remarketing

    Dynamic remarketing takes remarketing one step further. It takes into account the products or services that users have viewed on your site. With that, you can boost your ads containing the same products or services and tailor your ad messages to them.

  3. Remarketing for Mobile Apps

    This feature is specifically for mobile, where you can show your ads to users who have installed your mobile app or visited your mobile site while they use other mobile apps or browse through other mobile sites on the Display Network.

  4. Remarketing Lists for Search Ads

    With remarketing lists for search ads, you can customise search ad campaigns to those who have visited your site previously. You can set your bid amount, create ads or select keywords that are targeted at people who have previously visited your site. Your ads will then be shown to them when they are searching on Google and other search partner sites.

  5. Video Remarketing

    When your YouTube account is linked to AdWords, you can choose among specific list types to show your ads to. You can show your ads to those who have seen your videos or interacted with your channel when they use YouTube, or when they browse other websites, apps and videos on the Display Network.

  6. Email-List Remarketing

    After you upload a list of customer email addresses with Customer Match, you can show this group of people your ads when they are logged into Google Search, YouTube or Gmail.

What Are The Benefits of Remarketing

Now that you have a better understanding of how the different types of remarketing work, let’s look at how remarketing can benefit your business:

Increase Conversions

When people first visit your site, they are probably still considering various options and have not decided on buying. Remarketing then comes into play by reaching out to those who have already visited your site. When this happens, it is more likely for your ads to reach those in the later stage of the customer journey and are ready to purchase. Therefore, those who click on your remarketing ads are likelier to have intention to buy your products.

Cost Effective

Because remarketing focuses on people who have stronger intent to purchase, it avoids sending your ads to the general public. Instead, it narrows your target audience to those who are most interested but have not converted. This makes it cost effective because you pay only when someone clicks on your ad. In this case, the person who clicks your ad is highly likely to convert.

Enhance Brand Awareness

Remarketing also works on the mere exposure effect. Users are repeatedly exposed to the same content, logo and slogan. This helps to foster a stronger brand visibility and brand recall as they are most likely to remember your brand if they have been in contact with your ads multiple times. Subsequently when they have to make a purchase decision, they may choose your brand simply based on familiarity. Results have shown that retargeting (in Google’s definition, remarketing) can boost ad response by 400%!


That said, remarketing should be done over a sizeable period of time before you can tell its effectiveness. As your site visitors increase over time, the pool of audience for your retargeting campaigns will increase accordingly. On that note, remarketing should be well thought through and woven into your overall marketing strategies so that everything will work in tandem to bring about your desired changes.


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