How To Get Google Not Provided Keywords?

Google Not Provided Keywords
How to get Google Not Provided Keywords?

How to get Google Analytics Not Provided Keywords?

If you are familiar with Google Analytics, you would probably already know that there is no data provided on organic keywords, that drives free traffic to your website. Google has been hiding the organic keyword referral data since October 2011 by encrypting its organic search data and this has been done in the name of protecting user privacy.

What is Google Analytics Not Provided Data?

In your Google Analytic report, if you drill down to this section: Acquisition > Overview > Organic Search.You will see that organic keywords are stated as “not provided”. Most of the time, majority of keywords falls into this section. EDM_Aug_Google_02 There are a couple of alternatives to retrieve these data, but you will not be able to obtain the exact keywords. Well, now Google is providing the data themselves and it’s pretty awesome! (like finally.) It’s time to familiarise yourself with Google Webmaster Tools.From the name itself, it means “Webmasters” or “Web admins”. It is like a health report card for your website(s) on Google Search Engine. Also, besides Google, Yahoo & Bing also have their own webmaster tools platform. The primary objective of this service is to let the webmasters help search engines to crawl and index their website more efficiently and effectively.

7 Steps to get “not provided” data from Google Webmaster Tools

1. Login to your Google Analytics Account (using a valid Gmail Account) 2. Then, open up a new browsing tab and Google for “Google Webmaster Tools” 3. Go to the site and click “Sign Up” OR “Sign In” 4. Once you do that, you will see a page like this. Add your website URL and click “Add Property” GA_02 5. You will be asked to verify the site. Use one of the ways to verify. The easiest way is to add the “Meta Tag”, or with Google Analytics – if you have already logged in to your Google Analytics account with the same Gmail address. GA_03 6. Once you have verified your account, you will be able to see your dashboard.If you already have a good number of visitors, you will be able to see some data in your reports. GA_04 7. Click “Search Traffic > Search Analytics” from the left side bar navigation to view your keywords and the number of impressions, CTR for organic traffic as well as average position. GA_05
Google has recently updated this “Search Quarry” report to “Search Analytics” report. You will be able to check all the keywords that generate traffic. An advantage of using these data would be that you can view the number of impressions in Google for a specific keyword. How awesome is that! GA_06 If you notice a keyword with high impressions BUT with little clicks, that means you will need to work on that particular keyword. When you improve its ranking position, you will be able to increase the CTR and this will drive MORE organic traffic to your website!If you are looking to improve the organic traffic to your website, Google Webmaster tools is one tool you should utilise and monitor closely. Learn more about the various tools within Google Webmaster Tools to help increase your web traffic: Google Webmaster Blog

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