Is There a Formula For Generating Content That Gets Shared?

Often the smallest of the content gets a widespread appraisal through trends on the internet. How do they do it? Well so are unintended, but otherwise the baseline of these contents use specific ingredients.

Through our observations here are some basic points :

1. The main and the most important is crafting headlines that grab attention through originality and creativity. As innovation is the key to be discovered and intrigue audiences so as to drive traffic. 

However, have you come across headlines that intrigue you but the moment the article loads after your click, you are simply disappointed? *insert emoji

Well, sometimes the goal is to simply increase traffic & that one click does make a difference.

2. Pay attention to what is trending at the moment and integrate it with your content. But only use aspects of this trend, for example; form an opinion about the trend and voice this, but keep it relevant to your business because remember, your aim is to market your product/service/brand. 

Here’s an article to help brands understand how to reach out to the millennials through social media.

3 . Use visuals as science proves that this helps people remember the content, hence making it more likely to be shared.

Yes, most people are visual creatures and we do like to perceive that whatever image you are showing should be as real as possible even if it is photoshopped. We are simply attracted to beautiful things.

4. Promote your own content using the different marketing platforms you have made available for your audience, so that the content is easily accessible!

Such as.. Displaying social sharing icons on your website or prompting your audience to share the content with their friends.

5.  Short concise articles (steps, tips or how tos) are the most effective and useful as it helps your audience grasp what you are trying to put across to them and it also means there will one less confused person in the world.

This format of articles may not work for certain industries but hey, you will never know unless you try. Step-by-step articles are perfect for companies in the beauty and aesthetics, f&b, hobbies & leisure and works for sports and fitness too!

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