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Omnichannel Marketing: The Future of Retail

Well, the answer is no. Gone are the days of e-commerce versus brick-and-mortar. Now, it’s all about the amalgamation of both. In other words, omnichannel retailing. Retailers have to make full use of both online and offline marketing channels, including the physical store, to provide consumers with a seamless, unified shopping experience across all mediums.

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Digital Personality - Introvert or Extrovert

Does Your Business Have a Digital Personality for Online Marketing Success?

Whether you realise it or not, every business develops a Digital Personality. Some are extroverts while some are introverts. Businesses develop a personality by mirroring characteristics that resonate with their customers. The goal is to satisfy the customers’ needs and in the process develop a strong bond between the brand and its customers. These strong

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3 Biggest Pitfalls of Going With “Cheaper SEO Companies”

You have two companies pitching to you about their SEO services. How do you decide which one is better? Cheaper obviously? Read on to learn how some “affordable SEO companies trap customers to think they are getting better value. 1. Cheaper is more cost-effective, or is it? Of course, it is human instinct to go

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How Long Does SEO Take To Work?

In this post, PurpleClick shares a real-life example of what your SEO efforts might look like during the initial months. Find out how a 6-months long campaign would look like, and the results you might expect. (Expect some humour, and then some hard truths). There is no other question our digital consultants get asked more

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Google Not Provided Keywords

How To Get Google Not Provided Keywords?

How to get Google Analytics Not Provided Keywords? If you are familiar with Google Analytics, you would probably already know that there is no data provided on organic keywords, that drives free traffic to your website. Google has been hiding the organic keyword referral data since October 2011 by encrypting its organic search data and

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