Are You Marketing on The Right Social Media Platform?

Social media platforms has been enjoying a surge of popularity with users and marketers alike for years! These platforms such as; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the more prominent ones that have emerged over the years, and now have a total of over 2 billion users. However, despite the growing numbers and marketing opportunities, it is not possible to do a one-size-fits-all marketing approach. Hence, here’s a rough breakdown of how Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can work for your business. Understanding your buyer persona will help you define your target audience & to choose the most suitable social media platform to contribute to your marketing objectives.


Firstly, Facebook is definitely one of the preferred choice for most businesses, when they consider going into digital marketing. It is by far one of the most appealing platform as compared to the rest. Boasting a large and growing network of users, Facebook is centred around providing the most up-to-date information to a large group of users and building a social-bond between strangers. Here’s 3 key features of Facebook that we think are great in helping businesses grow.

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Our second recommended social media platform would be Twitter! It is perfect for bite sized messages and for businesses that like to share a little something a little more often. Think of ‘micro-blogging’ or ‘real-time updates’ – or just a must share micro-moment – then Twitter is the way to go.

Because of its limit on the number of characters you can use to type a message, it pushes the user to craft out concise or more relevant information instead of a whole bunch of fluff. Well, if you have got more to say, you can attach a video, a photo or a link. The Twitter community all about conversations, discussions and opinions that matter. Is this the platform for your business?

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Last but not least, a social media platform that embodies the saying; ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’, Instagram is the newest of all the platforms mentioned so far, but is rocketing in popularity with a growing user count of 400 million since 2010. It is well known for its high level of engagement and the simplicity of content – one photo. If you are in the retail, food or travel business, Instagram is definitely one of the social media platform you should consider venturing into. People love looking at beautiful things – #Food #Clothes #Travel – it simply appeals to the masses.

Instagram, Infographic, Instagram Statistics, What is Instagram, Marketing
All in all, managing your own social media account benefits your business as it allows you to constantly engage with todays’ consumers & making it easier to build a relationship. Also, in the recent years, many third-party tools are readily available in the market to help businesses manage one more more social media accounts more effectively. (That’s something we’ll share next! Keep a look out for it!)

Social Media marketing can be made simple if you have clear business objectives and of course, sufficient resources to maintain it. Besides just maintaining your presence in the digital world, these Social Media platforms can do ALOT more for your business, such as:

  • Grow your business revenue
  • Build brand awareness
  • Become a prominent influencer in your field of business and so on..

Digital agencies like us, too craft out strategies to incorporate social media marketing into your advertising campaign goals. Speak to us and find out more, or you could drop us a message too – Contact Us

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