6 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking site that provides different features for free and premium account users. Currently, there are about 467 million LinkedIn users, including employers and job seekers. Besides using LinkedIn as an individual, to establish connections and further self development, LinkedIn is also a platform for businesses to gain visibility.

So the questions is: have you already set up a company page for your business?
Here, we’ll explore some reasons why we think you should have a company page on LinkedIn. But first, let’s look at an example:

Google LinkedIn Screenshot

#1 Company Description

From what you can see above, the LinkedIn company page is basically somewhat like a Facebook business page. You can upload a company profile picture, usually your company logo and also a banner photo. You are able to write an overview about your company and introduce your products and services to others. This means that you can use storytelling to illustrate the uniqueness of your business to others. Be sure to fill your company description with relevant keywords because the LinkedIn company page is SEO-friendly, so it will appear on someone’s Google search results when they key in a related search query. You may also want to link your other brand extension pages under the ‘Showcase Pages’ section to highlight them to users who are viewing your page.

#2 Employee Connection

You can also encourage your employees to connect with your company page. When they include their job positions in your company on their individual LinkedIn profiles, they will be prompted to follow your company page as well. Your employees will essentially act as brand advocates who will enlighten others about your company structure and culture with their profiles. Users who view your company page when they are logged in will also be able to see how they are connected to your employees.

#3 Job Listings

Apart from your employees, you can also attract other users. Within your company page, you can post career listings that will be viewable to all. You will be able to gain access to a large pool of talents, including students, college graduates as well as other experienced professionals. And this will be a great chance for you to find suitable, potential candidates to join you in supporting your business.

#4 Content Building
With that said, you can further engage your employees and other users by sharing relevant content on your business page. There are many things that you can post about, like a status update about company news, events, sharing articles that are insightful. These posts will be displayed under ‘Recent Updates’ as seen in the example above. When people find your posts interesting and relevant, they can then click on the ‘Follow’ button on your company page, and they will be able to see your posts on their own feed.

This is also a good way to capture the attention of professionals who are working in the same field, so you can exchange ideas and create more conversations. Your employees can also take this chance to be on the same page as you and learn more about new things in the company or industry.

#5 Advertising
To boost your company page or your posts, you can also advertise on LinkedIn. Set your own budget and pay per click or impression for your ads. You can use text ads, dynamic ads or display ads to remind users’ of your company name, and hopefully turn those into potential leads. You can also use sponsored content to promote your latest post on LinkedIn so that it will gain more views. Also, remember to make use of the targeting options to reach out to your potential followers and customers! You can even use sponsored InMail to send valuable content directly to the inbox of your target audience.

#6 Analytics
All these marketing efforts are not without results. You can track the performance of your ad campaigns and also, your business page on LinkedIn. This way, you will be able to gain more insights as to who your followers are, what their actions are on your page, and understand how well your content and or campaigns are faring on LinkedIn. Such information will then guide you to build more content that is tailored towards their preferences.
Besides these, you may also want to check out LinkedIn Premium, which offers more features, allowing you to further enhance your brand, promote your business and identify sales prospects.

Lastly, we hope that you found this useful and encouraged to either create your LinkedIn business page or beef up your current one. LinkedIn is a viable platform for you to meet and network with professionals in your field and also, to meet potential clients, partners, suppliers and employees. Whatever it is, remember to link your LinkedIn page to your website, blog, and vice versa, so people will be able to navigate easily through your various channels. Start connecting with like-minded professionals!


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