6 Local SEO Strategies for Singapore Businesses

Digital marketing has always been full of “flavour of the month” strategies that go out of fashion seemingly the moment everyone jumps on the bandwagon. Despite this, search engine optimisation (SEO) continues to be relevant, despite it being one of the first-ever internet marketing disciplines. Local SEO, in particular, has become even more critical in the past few years, thanks to the dominance of mobile computing and continued improvements in how search engines interpret geotagged data.

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Why Local SEO Matters

As the name suggests, local SEO aims to connect businesses with customers in their immediate vicinity, rather than the larger geographic audience typical of general searches. To the uninitiated, this focus on local searches can run counter to the broader outreach strategies often encouraged in digital marketing. However, businesses should aim to appeal to local audiences, whenever they can, for a few reasons. First, positive local search results indicate credibility, something that is necessary for encouraging sales and building long-term brand equity. Next, high local search visibility is also connected with better conversion rates, since people who use local search terms are usually more ready to buy or visit a physical store. Lastly, businesses that dominate local searches should also start showing up more frequently in international searches, particularly when local SEO efforts are supported by other digital marketing campaigns using other approaches, like search engine marketing (SEM) and Facebook marketing.

Local SEO Strategies are Perfect for Singapore Businesses

In any case, some “local” markets are much more lucrative than others. Singapore’s globally significant economy and the widespread digitalisation of local interactions have made local SEO particularly important for local businesses and international enterprises alike. All this coupled with Singapore’s complex digital culture has created a need for agencies like PurpleClick Media to help organisations effectively reach specific local audiences. Let’s look at some key strategies Singapore-based businesses must use to start dominating local search results:

1. Optimising Google Business Profiles (Formerly Google My Business)

Given the dominance of Google’s services in Singapore, a well-optimised Google Business Profile listing is a requisite for local search visibility. Businesses must take the time to meticulously fill out all the fields in their profile with accurate business information, including address, phone number, and operating hours. Additionally, they need to regularly update their profile with high-quality images and respond promptly to customer reviews. Inputting accurate business info into a Google Business Profile is important for two reasons. Critically, it tells potential searchers how to reach and buy from a specific business. More importantly, it also tells Google Search that a business is a legitimate entity, which then secures its chances of appearing in search results across all of Google’s different platforms.

2. Targeting Local Keywords and Phrases

Singapore is famously multiethnic and is home to several different expat communities from all over the world. And though almost everyone gets over intercultural language barriers through English, the forms of English used can differ depending on the specific audience. It’s easy to see then, how digital marketers hailing from outside the country can fall into the trap of not using the right keywords in their campaigns.

This means that, apart from conducting thorough keyword research, businesses must leverage local knowledge to identify relevant terms and phrases for Singaporean and Singapore-based buyers. Teaming up with a specialised agency should make it easier to incorporate these keywords naturally into your content, improving your visibility in local search results while simultaneously building trust with local audiences.

3. Creating Location-Specific Content

Businesses serious about local SEO need to tailor content to reflect the unique experiences of Singapore-based audiences. This could include writing articles that address local events, trends, or challenges relevant to a given industry. By providing valuable, location-specific content, businesses can send important relevance signals to search engines and strengthen their pull within their target audience.

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4. Leveraging Local Reviews and Testimonials

As a general rule, customers are far more willing to connect with a business with a few negative reviews and a decent number of positive reviews over one that has no reviews at all. Knowing this, businesses must encourage satisfied customers to leave reviews on their e-commerce platforms, social media pages, and profiles on industry-specific review sites. For better local SEO performance, businesses should incentivise customers to leave reviews on high-visibility review channels like Google Business Profile. For more insights on increasing Google Business Profile reviews, check out our informative guide here: Tips to Increase GMB Reviews.

5. Building Citations and Local Backlinks

Citations—mentions of business names, addresses, and phone numbers (NAP) on other websites—are crucial for local SEO. Businesses need to invest time to ensure that NAP information is consistent across all online directories and local websites to reinforce their identity for both search engines and their users. 

If a business has the budget for it, it should also actively acquire backlinks and mentions from reputable Singaporean websites, particularly from local news and industry publications. When done right, a consistent local link-building effort should boost search visibility more cost-effectively than a similar paid ad campaign.

6. Utilising Social Media for Local Visibility

Social media platforms offer businesses, multiple avenues for connecting with local audiences and amplifying local SEO efforts. Most popular platforms like Facebook and Instagram enable businesses to share location-specific content and engage with local communities and influencers, reinforcing their association with a given locality. It should be noted that posts on these platforms can also show up on popular search engines, which means that doing well on social media inevitably means a stronger online presence, overall.

Unlock Singapore’s Online Markets with Local SEO

Given how expensive online ads are for the Singaporean market, mastering local SEO is paramount for any business organisation that wants a lean marketing operation and a wide-reaching online presence. Fortunately, implementing local SEO best practices can be made easier by teaming up with a digital marketing agency that understands the Singaporean digital landscape. With the right experience, businesses won’t need to waste time on their path to dominating Singapore’s competitive online search environment.

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