5 General Misconceptions About Digital Marketing:

Clicks? Impressions? Conversions? Despite only picking up momentum in the past 10 years or so, digital marketing has been constantly evolving. A large number of businesses are now going online and harnessing the power of a click.  However, with many changes along with the promise of a lucrative online marketplace, many marketing mythologies and misconceptions have surfaced that can actually make a difference between a successful online campaign and one that does not fully tap into its potential. So let the debunking begin!

1. Digital Marketing is very expensive

Many people assume that there is no point investing in digital marketing due to the high price tag that comes with it just to place your business online, however that is not entirely true! Especially in this day and age, not only are there many different platforms with ranging cost, digital giants such as Facebook and Google also have put out a lot financial support. Understanding that value for money is also an important consideration, there are also quite a number of experienced digital agencies that can craft out a digital strategy unique to your company’s needs and objectives. So if you are thinking if embarking on a business campaign, don’t write digital marketing off as being too expensive just yet!

2. It is too tedious to execute a Digital Marketing campaign

Although its true that time is of the essence, don’t limit yourself in thinking that because your business doesn’t have enough time to manage it’s online presence that digital marketing is not for you. Many companies make the mistake of thinking that they lack the manpower and the resources to bring their business online. However, the key is that unknown to most, digital marketing actually has simple steps to take to execute a simple digital strategy once you’ve determine your marketing objectives. For example, if you have a product you would like people to know about, you can then run a online campaign to increase conversions using various digital advertising platforms. More importantly, if you feel that your business lack resources, approaching a performance driven agency can not only help you achieve your goals, the cost to outsource an agency to execute your campaign will allow you to focus on your other business objectives. A win-win solution!

3. Digital Marketing is only effective for certain industries and not for others

Thinking that your business is much too ‘traditional’ or ‘boring’ to delve into digital marketing? Well, that is not the case as there is no specific rule that states or dictates the effectiveness of digital marketing in certain industries over the others. The term ‘Digital Marketing’ actually is an umbrella that covers a large range of marketing techniques and online tools which can satisfy different purposes and produce different results depending on the business’s objectives. An e-commerce business may measure its success by the number of check-outs done online while a fusion food cafe may value their customer relationship and branding in their consumer’s mind as their top priority.

4. I can’t compete with the big names in my industry with a large and established online fan base

Though it can be intimidating to build your business’s fan base from scratch in comparison with your competitors, contrary to popular believe, digital marketing actually levels the playing field, making it beneficial for SMEs and startups. Previously, while trying to advertise alongside the big names in the industry via traditional media outlets were unattainable, digital marketing allows smaller businesses to not only reach your audience across various social media channels and online sites, but to also do it with a limited budget. More than just being able to spread a specific message to a general audience, a key factor of digital marketing also allows you to build up a consistent brand identity and personality that has a more powerful impact as compared to traditional mediums.

5. I can’t measure the success of my online campaign

Most business complain that even though digital marketing is helpful, they can’t know for a fact that it can be credited for their influx of new customers or increase in sales. But not well-known to most is the fact that digital marketing is actually relatively predictable and is able to provide you with the numbers and graphs to determine its level of effectiveness. Solid metrics are one of the simplest ways to analyse the quality of your site’s visits along with the rate of conversions which most commonly are the number of lead forms filled up or the percentage of online checkout completion.

Are you at the stage of denial or simply curious to find out more in regards to your business? If you are, do not hesitate to contact us to see what online marketing can do for your business growth! Also, read our part 2 for the common misconceptions for social media over here!

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