5 Misconceptions About Social Media Marketing

Undoubtedly, one of the most well-known form of digital marketing is the utilisation of social media platforms. With a reputation of being able to most effectively reach out to the wider audience in a more technology savvy generation, it is a demographic that majority of businesses would like to tap into. As most of us increasingly become more in touch with technology, businesses that are active on one or more social media platforms does not necessarily equate to being successful in reaching out to their target market and increasing their market share. With that being said, let’s take a moment to check against the following pointers and see if you are guilty of any of them!

1. My business has a Facebook page, it means that I am doing online marketing

The same applies to all social media sites, whereby simply having a Facebook/Instagram/Twitter page is just not enough to form a strong connection with your consumers. Online marketing is a lot more than just having a social media page for your consumers to ‘Like’ or ‘Follow’ especially since ‘likes’ do not necessary indicate that they would convert to a buyer. Businesses need to establish a unique voice on social media that accurately portray the company’s USPs and to constantly engage with their followers online. The beauty of social media marketing is that YOU get to build a network of followers, (who were once strangers) people who would attest to the value of your brand/product/service.

2. The more social media sites my business is on, the larger my consumer reach

It is common for businesses to nest themselves in more than one social media platform, but doing it in bulk may not be that beneficial. Here’s why:

  • Businesses will require a higher level of commitment to maintain consistency throughout all social platforms
  • Businesses need to know how to handle all sorts of online aggression
  • Businesses will need to constantly generate new and exciting content to keep their followers engaged and intrigued

As the saying goes, Less Is More. It is important for businesses to evaluate which social media platform(s) will benefit and aid in representing their brand the most. EG. A Fashion Retailer should definitely own an Instagram account because fashion is a big hit on this platform, with thousands of users engaging in fashion related trending hashtags or posting relevant images. Now that you know how time-consuming handling a corporate social media account is, be sure to pick a social media platform that is able to most effectively communicate your company’s brand message.

3. Bad reviews online are bad for my business

Despite the fact that many businesses try to minimise the number of negative reviews left on a their social media page, it is often overlooked that negative reviews can actually be seen as an opportunity to convert an unsatisfied customer into a loyal fan. By addressing the reviews properly, it can evoke a change of impression and it also shows that your business cares about consumer feedback and value their loyalty. There is no better way to maintain customer relationships than embracing it all with an open mind and a personal touch.

4. I am constantly generating content to my followers, but I still don’t see an increase in sales

Businesses often think that just by creating a lot of content on their social media accounts, it will automatically contribute to an increase in sales. Content created needs to be consistent and relevant to what your potential consumers will want to read or learn about. Businesses need to understand that their followers want to learn more about you because you had once intrigued them. Without understanding this, your content would most likely be part of the sea of information readily available on the internet. As your business progress, it is vital to monitor the content shared, with the engagement level of your followers. Keep in mind that the best kind of content are those that considers the user’s experience and not to bombard your followers with similar content on how awesome your product or service is.

5. My target audience do not use social media

This is one the largest misconception that you have in regards to underestimating your potential online consumer market. According to Digital Influence Lab, Singapore actually has the highest internet penetration rate within Southeast Asia at 80% and that out of those internet users, 96% of them owns at least one social media account. This goes to show that there is actually a sizeable and tappable market online which could be interested in your products or services. Looking for new customers who are similar to the ones that you already have on your database? Why not locate them online where a majority of them spend most of their free time!

So there are actually many more misconceptions about marketing via social media but these are the top 5 common ones that we picked out! Are you guilty of any of the above? If you have any other burning questions you would like us to answer, go on and fill up an enquiry form via our Contact Page here, and we would be happy to help!

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