5 Handy Google Search Tips

We all use Google for all kinds of reasons – be it to look for a nearby restaurant, to buy a product or to read news. From students, working professionals, and perhaps the pioneer generation, there are millions of people using Google every day.

However, not many know how to use Google to its fullest potential. Here are a few tricks you can use to maximise efficiency.


Google Search Tips #11 : Excluding Words You Don’t Want

If you’re searching for marketing but don’t want to receive results that have the term courses, you can simply use ‘ – ‘ before courses. Eg. marketing -courses



Google Search Tips #22: Searching for Content within a Website

If you’re looking for something within a specific website, you can simply type in site:website.com “yoursearchterm”




Google Search Tips #33: Locating Similar Websites

If you’re looking for websites that have similar content as the one you currently know, just type related:website.com




Google Search Tips #44: Unknown/Missing Words

Can’t seem to recall a certain phrase? Simply use the ‘ * ‘ to replace the missing word – e.g. Cat * your tongue?




Google Search Tips #55: Looking for Specific File Types

Perhaps you’re looking for a powerpoint presentation template? You could type in yoursearchterm filetype:ppt




Are you a user of such Google Search hacks? Do you have more of such hacks to share? Drop us a comment on our Facebook Page!

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