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404 – Post Not Found

Does this message look familiar?


404 Error

While 404 errors are generally frowned upon since it disrupts the user’s experience, and indirectly hurts a page’s organic ranking, they may be of some use after all. A good 404 page should include a way for users to report the dead link, along with some internal links such as your Home Page or a Contact Us link.

Brands can also infuse a little humour in their 404 pages, and we found some that made us laugh.

Magnt – http://www.magnt.com/404/

So, was it them or you? Did you have trouble typing?


Bluegg – http://bluegg.co.uk/404

We can watch this over and over all day long, it’s a perfect #vine


Error 404 from Bluegg

Hootsuite – https://hootsuite.com/404

#BRB we’ve got a lost puppy to look for. or maybe you actually do like 404 pages. Hmm…


Error 404 from Hootsuite

Studiogewoon – http://studiogewoon.nl/404#

Hello… It’s me.. I was wondering if after all these years, 404 would like to meet.. ok enough.


Error 404 from Studiogewoon

This by Them – http://thisbythem.com/404/

“Major Tom.. to ground control.. 404!” Don’t worry Matt Damon, you’ll survive. #weloveyou


Error 404 from This by Them

Star Wars – http://www.starwars.com/404

We’re glad this thing’s obliterated. #starwarsforever


Error 404 from Star Wars


Have you come across any fancy cool 404 pages? (We’ll probably spend the next 2 hours surfing for 404 pages.)

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