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Optimise data and insights for powerful and enduring business results.
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Create industry-leading digital engagement for your businesses and brands.

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360-Degree Digital Marketing Services

Championing SMEs and MNCs formulate and execute campaigns with our full suite of online and offline capabilities.

Increase brand awareness and generate leads from users with relevant intent  through optimised search strategies

Make it easier for your potential customers to find you! Optimise your website so it ranks on the first page of Google Search

Personalise and automate your ads across all devices for optimal performance

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Advertise on the fastest growing social media platform and be seen by thousands of your potential customers

Connect with your audience through creative social media advertising on the largest social media network in Singapore with over 4 million users

Capture hearts with impactful stories told on screens in heartlands where your audiences live, work and play

Results-driven but with KPIs that look past vanity numbers, PurpleClick offers you budget-efficient, programmatic advertising and outdoor-to-online digital marketing solutions. Through our Search, Social and Content Marketing services, we can achieve results that will push your website higher on Google’s search results pages. Every dollar you spend on your campaign will bring back returns, from brand awareness to sales conversions.

Why Choose PurpleClick


Don’t just take our word for it! Since our inception in 2006, our work has earned over 30 industry recognitions, notably Search Marketing Agency of the Year, Digital Agency of the Year, and Local Hero of the Year. We’re proud of our achievements as a digital marketing company, and we look forward to making more impressive milestones.

Over 15,000 clients in Singapore and abroad, from start-ups and SMEs to large enterprises and Government bodies, have trusted us to run highly targeted campaigns to build meaningful and interactive relationships with their customers.

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Results count! Driven by data insights and merged with the technical expertise of our digital consultants, all our campaigns are customised and measurable. Our dedicated client service managers also constantly evaluate the campaigns’ progress through the use of performance indicators and signals, so as to continuously drive better business outcomes.

Strategic & Customer-Focused

We understand your business! We are not just digital experts, but also business savvy consultants with a wealth of experience across many industries and sectors. Plus, we thrive on recruiting new and imaginative young talents with a passion for next-generation technologies.

Whether you need a complete digital transformation or just help to increase your web traffic and generate more leads, we have the strategic solutions that will deliver positive outcomes for you.

After all, what matters most to us, is measurable impact on business results and your customer satisfaction.

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Give Your Business a Digital Headstart Today!

We get it. Trying to make sense of today’s constantly evolving and complex digital world is tough. Which is why our experienced digital consultants are on hand to understand your business challenges and recommend strategies and solutions to meet your needs.

Optimize Search Strategies to attract More Relevant Customers!

Millions perform searches online every day, so how can your website cut through the clutter and appear on Search results that matter to your business?

For your search strategies, a partner with the relevant experience, knowledge and expertise will make sure that you can be heard among all the noise on the internet. At PurpleClick, we have built trust and relationships with over 15,000 clients across the region, so you can be assured that we are a partner you can trust today and in the future!

Learn more about our Search solutions:

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Build your brand with our Social solutions

Are you aware that there are close to 4.6 billion social media users and a new sign up every 6.4 seconds? Connect with this massive pool of tech–savvy users by tapping on our expertise today!

With an array of tools at our disposal, we can sift and capture the attention of the right people without trawling aimlessly. Discover our role as co-captain in riding the rising waves of social media marketing!

Click below to see how we can complement your business in each of the key social media platforms:

Online Marketing & Advertising Need Not Be Daunting

Wider Audience – A 360 Digital Strategy is suitable for companies keen to target a larger base using a collection of platforms available.

Customizable Suite of Digital Solutions – At PurpleClick, we believe that companies benefit the most when they invest in what is most relevant to fulfill their business vision and goals.

Work as a Team – Let us work out a comprehensive Digital Strategy together, when we are in touch. A digital consultant to answer your questions and make sense of all things digital.

360 Digital Marketing Strategy
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